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Work In Comfort Longer

Work at a computer? Our glasses are specially designed for you. Reduce eye strain, stay focused, and look good in blue light and anti-glare eyewear that really works.

Block Over 50% of Blue Light

Our FDA registered glasses effectively block over 50% of blue light and 100% of harmful UV waves. Try them risk free with a 15 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Nylon Lens Technology

Nylon is the strongest & lightest lens material with the highest optical clarity. Plus eight layers of anti-blue light, anti-glare, and anti-scratch technology.



We Guarantee You’ll Love Them

But if for some reason you don’t, simply send them back.

Nylon Lens Technology

Block Blue Light & Eliminate Glare

We pulled out all the stops to produce the highest quality lens. Why? Because just like you, we take our work seriously.

Nylon is the newest technology for eyeglass lenses. It’s the strongest & lightest material available with the highest optical clarity. Each pair has eight vacuum-evaporated layers specially designed to absorb blue light, improve contrast, and eliminate reflections, glare, scratches, and static.

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Try them risk free with Free Shipping & 15 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t love them, simply return them.

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Every Pair Cares

Through our partnership with Mental Health America, every pair helps create awareness and support for over 40 million Americans affected by mental health conditions.


I bought a cheaper pair on Amazon at the same time that my fiance bought a pair of Legacies. He had to buy a new pair because I was always using his. There’s just no comparison.

Jackie H.

I really wish I had these the past 6 years of my life. I usually put them on around 2pm. I can’t believe the difference in how my eyes feel at the end of the day.

Karl K.

Wore them all day today. Definitely a fan..

Steve G.